Monday, May 4, 2009

Which variety to grow

How to you make your choice of seeds, do you save from your own plants, take part in seed exchanges, get them from a nursery or catalogue? I mostly tend to buy them, and love wading through seed catalogues and reading up on different varieties. I have to admit to having a weakness for new varieties claiming resistance to various problems.

So it was with great interest that I read reports of a trial run by Garden Organic and funded by the European Union, which produced some surprising results comparing the cultivation and taste of some modern cultivars with some much older ones from the Heritage Seed Library

Here is an article about the lettuce trial.


VeggieLadie said...

This is my very first swing at veggie gardening. I purchased some seeds at the store and some through various seed catalogs.

I don't know anything about anything, aside from the little I have read about vegetable gardening, so I just picked what looked good (as bad as that sounds).

I am very interested in saving seeds from my garden to use for the following year.

Anonymous said...

Every journey starts with the first step, so you are on your way, brilliant. As we said to our daughter with her plot, be prepared for some disappointments along the way, some of your stuff will do well, some not. Reading the seed packet advice is a good basis, then looking after them as they grow, looking for pests and keeping the ground moist in dry weather, they'll all help.

Have a look for a good basic gardening guide that's relevant for where you live. Here in the UK Garden Organic and the Royal Horticultural Society produce good ones. Hopefully blogs like this help (and see the blogs I follow and also the suggested useful sites list - down to the right).

Generally gardeners are very helpful to one another, so never leave yourself scratching your head for the sake of asking.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

All power to your elbow, Heskie and fellow growers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks QGT, great to have some encouragement. Hopefully we all help one another along.