Friday, May 15, 2009


Lots of rain, that's what we have come back to after a few days away to visit my Mum, and the vegetable beds seem to be loving it. All the salad leaves seems to be flourishing, and the beetroot tops now look happy under their net, safe from the nibbling birds which had given them a bit of set-back. The brassica crops are all flourishing, except for one plant which looks as though something may have lain on it (a cat perhaps?)
The greenhouses are doing well, with one exception. A cucumber plant has an unhappy looking base, (maybe slug damage?) and so the leaves, except at the very top are wilting, probably dead, fortunately the other plants seem to be OK.
The next job, when it stops raining will be, yes, weeding and lots of it! Then, now that the danger of frost should be passed in the south west if England anyway, I can get the climbing beans planted out.

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Anna said...

Wow rain every where, we got here too, it washed our grass seeds and soil patches. Hopefully will stop, but the result is nice though, so nice and green. Anna :)