Friday, May 1, 2009

The Darling Buds of May

Our apple and pear trees have been thinking of bursting out into full blossom, but not quite. Quite a few gardens I noticed do have the blossom fully out, maybe our's know something?

I have just posted (in the right hand column) the latest tips for the veggie patch as we enter May. The sun's getting warmer, the mix of sunshine and rain really brings things on. It is also a time to get tripped up by a late frost (apologies if you read this in Scotland and similar, I know we get it easy down here). We lost some Cosmos seedlings, left out to harden off -  a dip under freezing the other night hit some which weren't sheltered by the shed.

Don't forget your folding chair, upturned bucket or old crate, it's warm enough now to enjoy a cuppa outside, sitting and gazing upon the fruits of our labours isn't it?

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Tea with Willow said...

Thanks for your latest tips - yes, the weeds really have shot up over the last week - turn your back, and wow! they're all over the place!

I liked your comment about the chair, bucket or crate on which to enjoy a well-earned cuppa in the garden! Why is it, even though I have some perfectly nice garden furniture and a bench to sit on, I always seem to prefer the upturned bucket, or the edge of the front door step from which to admire the view?!