Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Flower Garden

Mrs Soggy was lamenting the total neglect by this blog of her efforts, just the other side of the path, which give us such a lovely cottage garden to relax in when the work is done. So, with humble apologies, here are a some pictures.


Tea with Willow said...

Oh my goodness Mrs Soggy ... you have my dream garden there!! It's absolutely lovely - I think my favourite photo (although I love them all) is the one with the winding path ... I want to see where it goes!! I would love to see more photos as the season develops

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Heskie.


Annie's Granny said...

Heskie, your gardens are gorgeous! They would make one want to sit and drink in the beauty of it all. I'm afraid I wouldn't get much work done in the veggie garden if I had such a lovely place to relax!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Soggy is delighted with your comments.
I, on the other hand, just feel guilty - that the camera can lie, not about her efforts mind! Willow, that winding path goes, well, nowhere, just about a foot or so beyond where you can see to the brick wall with the planter on and the clematis spilling over the roof. When we moved here, where the path is and below, was an earth bank sloping down towards the back of the cottage (we are at the end of a terrace of originally 6 cottages). We built the stonework and the paths to create a patio outside the kitchen and a path leading to the upper patio. How decadent is that? A patio each!
Thank you Willow and Annie for your nice comments.