Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a couple of things to watch out for - beans and leeks

You may still have some broad bean plants in the ground - keep a sharp eye out for black-fly on them and ruthlessly pinch off any leaves, stem or pods which have any infestation (unless it is very light in which case hose them off) - that applies to other plants too.

When your broad beans have reached the end, don't dig them up, but cut the plants off at soil level as that leaves the roots with their nitrogen-rich nodules in the ground.

Now you can dibber the holes in the empty bean bed and drop your leeks into them (you may need to pull off some over-bushy root to get them to drop right down in). Then don't back fill with soil, just top up the hole to the brim with water.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Early July Harvest

I probed about amongst the roots of a few potato plants about three weeks ago and thought they weren't doing too well (we've had a long dry spell here). Today I took the plunge - or rather the garden fork - and unearthed the first plant of the first row. A variety called Premier - not a bad lot of potatoes from one plant. The other pictures are the rest of tonight's dinner (except for the scarecrow almost lost in the raspberries he's meant to be watching over).