Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poetry week

When I'm in the garden I either listen to the birds (and the aircraft from not-too-far-away Yeovilton) or the radio, where on the BBC it is the Poetry Season, with the bye-line "Let poetry into your life."
There is something poetic about gardening, not that it is all a host of golden daffodils, more that it includes so much of life, literally of course with the life cycle of the plants we encourage and those we don't but also in mood and pace, from the calm moments of reflection sat upon our favourite spot, to achingly hard work of preparation and transformation. So I thought I'd give a poem a go.

Let not the rain be the damping of my parade
Rather welcome the fresh cleansing it has made
In falling earthwards, upon weed and crop alike
Welcome every drop, essential carriers of life. 

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Tea with Willow said...

Beautiful words, Heskie - the garden is definitely an inspiration.