Friday, May 8, 2009

Planting and weeding

That about sums up yesterday on the plot (having spent the previous day first making a saw-horse and then using it to cut up most of the first of 4 woodpiles accumulated from various tidyings - not all in our garden I hasten to add: next winter's warmth).

I had already weeded between the onions, garlic and shallots, but there the weeds were again, flourishing defiantly. last time was hoe between the row, yesterday was serious, hand weeding between the bulbs, not a weed left rooted. I always leave them on the soil surface a s a mulch to rot back in, so pleased though I am to see the rain today, we need it, I know it will save some of the weeds form drying out, so guess what ... more weeding round the corner.

Planting, always so much more satisfying. Two varieties of pea grown in modules and they've been sitting out hardening off for a while, so now they are nestling in amongst some of the pea sticks, with plenty of space left for successional sowings to come The two varieties are Sugar Snap and Norli, both good croppers in the past.

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