Saturday, May 30, 2009


Only a few days ago it seemed to be all about the cold, now the sun is really sending out some heat, but then summer solstice is not that far off (be warned - it's easy to get sunburn working out in the garden). So yesterday doing some transplanting required lots of water.

When the weather is hot and dry (yes, for any visitors dipping into this blog from outside the UK, we really can get some hot sunny summer weather!)  I dig out a trowelful of earth to receive the plant and fill it with water and let that soak in before planting, then after the plant is in its new home and all earthed up and the others are done I give everything a good soaking. Hopefully this means that the disturbed roots (which happens even when you do try to keep the rootball undisturbed) have plenty of freely available moisture to draw on as they try to become re-established. Then it's just a matter of keeping an eye on them for a few days watering as necessary.

Yesterday included transplanting lettuces and they really can look pathetic after they've been moved. I was underplanting  them (where they'll get some shade) amongst some calabrese (Pacifica - see information here) which look as though they are about to produce some heads.
The other transplants were a few cabbage Greyhound , cabbage Tundra (more of those to go in later as they are for winter use really), cabbage Ruby Ball and finally just a couple of each: kale, Black Tuscany and kale Dwarf Green Curled - just to see what they are like.
You can see the transplantings below and also a picture of the strawberries filling out (no red ones yet - unlike our daughter who has already eaten some from her allotment!)


Anna said...

Nice things you got in your garden. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, it's a great time of year to see everything coming on isn't it!