Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy Sunday

The weather was good, so lots done in the garden. 

I have a problem disposing of plants when too many seedlings survive, so I now have a row of tomato plants outside along a bank, left to take their chances (I love tomatoes too of course).

The smaller greenhouse is home to cucumbers this year - variety "Flamingo" they are meant to do better in low light, so hopefully should crop longer and will tolerate powdery mildew, which I think I've had (well, not me, the cukes) in the past.

More beans sown to replace the largely failed sowings (see below) I just left them too cool for too long, not this time, they are in the propagator - that'll keep them cosy, it was down to just a degree above freezing air temperature here last night, glad I earthed up my potatoes and put fleeces over trays and pots out for hardening off. 

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