Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Multi-storey garden?

It's round about now that I start to become a threat to Mrs Soggy's relaxed cottage garden as I look for ways to conjure up some more space for cultivation. It happens every year as I have stuff in pots and trays awaiting space to go out. I have managed to sneak in a comfrey bed and one year there were Romanescu cauliflower, fittingly I thought, in a flower bed. 
Yesterday evening I was potting on some courgettes, they have a while to wait, as they will follow on from early potatoes, which are all growing happily but none ready to dig yet. Whilst sorting the pots out I thought how much easier car parks have it, stacking storey upon storey, but then cars don't need the light do they?
By the way if you don't grow comfrey, you should (well I would say that as a Garden Organic, formerly Henry Doubleday Research Association member). It's great for making liquid feeds, or easier still, regularly cutting and placing into your compost, it really gets the compost going. Have a look here and here for some history.

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