Friday, April 17, 2009


Living not far from the Somerset Levels, how could we not have some willow. Ah, well, we nearly got into a mess with it, literally. Having planted some too close to the house we nearly mucked up our drains, because it has very invasive roots, which will go to great lengths (and depths) seeking out water, so we had to cut down a stand of willow we put in a couple of years ago.

Nothing goes to waste though, I have been cutting and stripping lengths to use as hoops for the netting on the raised beds. (Stripping the bark off, hopefully to stop it rooting amongst my veggies). 

The other thing it's useful for is making supports for sweet-pea. Willow weaves quite easily, if you just soften it by dragging it round your knee, or a round fence post - but don't do that with the lengths used for uprights.

Above, you can see one I just made for a tub of sweet pea.

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