Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain, did I say Rain?

It is pouring down this morning, lashing against the windows and, of course, watering the garden, so I shouldn't complain.

We seem to have had quite a pleasant sunny Spring, just like the last two years which then flowed into (sometimes literally) a wet summer. So what to expect this year? Well, who knows, I don't. But we did hear in France last year that the farmers there expect a wet and cooler summer in years with an extra full moon, which the last two years had and ..... this one doesn't. 

I also saw this on BB's nature notes which seems to put the trees in step with the French farmers. 

Time will tell!


Tea with Willow said...

Yes, the rain is certainly set in for the day here in Leicestershire! The garden badly needs it - there was a hedgehog out and about this morning looking for slugs, which is very unusual. It's a really dangerous time for them when it's so dry, so I shall keep an eye out and maybe put out some cat food tonight!

I do hope it's going to be a good summer - although I don't like very hot temps - it would just be a pleasant change to have a few months of *consistent* good weather!

Off to do some indoor jobs now - it's nice to have a day away from the watering can!


Anna said...

Hello there! I like rain, especially after nice sunny day. It was opposite here today, sunny very sunny and around 27 C, but it will be raining tomorrow. BTW thank you for your visit on my blog, appreciated, and thanks for the link, I will be check it out. Anna :)