Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crop Protection - mesh

I have just taken delivery of 100 m x 3.25 m of Wondermesh (Mid-range: M24), to replace Enviromesh which I have been using for 7 or 8 years and which is now getting a few holes. Not that I need 100 m, I'll be sharing with my daughter for her allotment and with friends in the village. (You can find Enviromesh here.)

The two photos above show the hoops in place for the netting and then with net in place.

The intention had been to get some second-hand mesh, but I found an offer on by Wondermesh (find them here) for new netting of a finer gauge than I'd been using and it is working out quite reasonably.

Why netting?
I have tried hunting caterpillars, with twice-daily forays among the brassicas, and still ended up fighting a losing battle with the rascals. Once I started using netting I found that, not only were the cabbage whites excluded, but some other pests too, so I have been a convert for a while now. The only down-side really is that it's less accessible for weeding.

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