Monday, April 13, 2009

Tidying Up

Not as exciting as planting and sowing, but still important. So today it was hacking back the jungle at the side of the tool shed - amazing, there really was a path under there. 
All the unused pots and trays are nice and clean and stacked and I can even get to the back of my shed - though a friend said it wouldn't be that way after a week!

Also took a few feet off the top of the hedge round the flower garden, we might get some sunny days to sit out, so can't have it all in shade. The hedge round the veggie patch I layed winter 2007/08 is shooting quite happily, so I must have done something right; the flower garden hedge will be layed next winter.

Laying a hedge breathes new life into it, prompting new growth from near ground level, and making it as stock-proof as any fencing and thickening it for birds and other wildlife. There are many different styles in the UK and I learned the Devon bank method, there are more artistic styles, but this one suits mine. The picture above, left, is one corner of the veggie patch showing the hedge I layed with this spring's green growth showing nicely.

Have a look here for a very posh layed hedge, much more neat than mine.

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