Monday, October 7, 2013

The Seasons Advance

According to the calendar, summer has given way to autumn here in England, but we have had some fine days which still feel much like summer, though the forecast is for that to change drastically from Wednesday, with much colder weather on the way.

We have enjoyed good crops of virtually everything on the veggie patch this year, with plenty more to come, lots of leeks, parsnips, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage (red and green), kale, turnip and swede still to enjoy, on top of everything safely in store.

As one crop finishes in a bed, so it makes way for the next, sometimes punctuated by green manure.

For green manure, I generally do a mix of buckwheat, field beans and winter tares, they do a mix of bringing up some deeper nutrients and fixing nitrogen, as well as adding bulk to rot into the soil.

So far I have sown:
BEAN, Broad. Aquadulce Claudia
ONION Hi Keeper F1

I have planted
GARLIC Early Purple Wight (Soft neck)
GARLIC Marco (Soft neck)
GARLIC Thermidrome Home (Hard neck)
GARLIC Elephant Home
GARLIC Elephant
(Home means divided from home grown garlic)

Onion Sets:
ONION Senshyo Yellow
ONION Red, Electric


Carrots and parsnips, with Brussels sprouts filling out well in the background

Left: Red cabbage, broccoli, kale. Centre: green manure chopped down. Right: Leeks

Climbing beans left to mature to seeds for gathering

Onions, seed in foreground, sets behind.

Garlic shooting already, only planted on 29th September

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