Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I haven't posted much in recent days, for which I apologise, but it is for good reasons. We have our family visiting from South Africa - timed perfectly for the fresh veggies in season!) and, as all the rest of you with mucky hands will attest, it's busy out there isn't it?

We've been harvesting baskets full of calabrese, the Tenderstem is my favourite, so sweet; sister-in-law Soggy made a delicious broccoli and cheese soup. Beetroot has been cooked, strawberries made into jam or just eaten for breakfast, dinner ans tea and the mange tout peas are lovely, to mention but a few things.

More succession sowings have gone in and I'm just about to do sowings of turnip and swede for the winter.

This morning it's farmer's market and then there's a food fair and craft show in Beaminster, so it's all go.

Happy gardening!

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