Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back home from North Wales and Wirral

If you had rain this week you might have wondered why there were no Soggy Blogs! Well we enjoyed a couple of nights in the camper-van in North Wales at Beddgelert (beautiful) and visited Nana Soggy too.

So here are a few pictures of the garden and plot as we found them when we got home yesterday. Thanks to the rain and our lovely neighbour who always looks after our greenhouses everything was doing fine, we enjoyed some of our strawberries with our evening meal - very healthy - apart from Mrs Soggy's delicious home made ice cream!

The young lettuce plants look as though they are enjoying their shady spot.


Jared said...

Is that broccoli you have your lettuce planted under?

Also, are your row covers flimsy. I accidentally poked a couple of holes in the stuff I bought the first week that I used it. It's still usable, I was just disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jared, yes it is broccoli, we've got a couple of types planted Pacifica and Tenderstem.

The netting I use is not like fleece (which is better for frost protection, but, as you say, flimsy). It is there to keep off cabbage white butterflies and similar pests and is quite robust. There are two types in use on my plot - Enviromesh and Wondermesh.

Thanks for visiting my blog.