Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Potatoes and seeds

Each year we hold a Potato Day in the Village - and despite the weather plenty of determined gardeners braved the showers and pot-holed roads to come and select their seed potatoes and other plants and seeds.

Here is my list:

Charlotte, First Early, Waxy - always a favourite on the veggie patch and in the kitchen
Marfona, Second Early, Waxy - One of the most flavoursome of potatoes I know.
Rosabelle, First Early, Waxy - a lovely red potato, very tasty.
Roseval, Second Early, Waxy - recommended by Chris, of Pennard Plants - should be tasty.
Sarpo Mira, Main Crop, Floury - the "insurance" potato - if there's blight - they'll still produce.
Valor, Early Main, Waxy - Another favourite from previous years.

I also couldn't resist some of Pennard Plant's Heritage and Heirloom seeds, including:

Pea, Dwarf Mangetout - Shiraz. It's purple podded (I grew a blue podded one last year, really handy for finding them on the plant.)
Tomato, Small - Father Frost - Dedushka Moroz (sounds like a Winter Olympian)
Tomato, Beefsteak - Abraham Lincoln. A deep red cropper, let's hope it doesn't come a cropper like it's name's sake.
Salad leaves:
Bluebells Oriental Bright and Spicy - a cool weather mix
Wild Herby leaf - a herby cut and come again
Japanese leaf, Oriental Greens, Kyoto leaf mustard, more to cut and come again.

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