Friday, February 5, 2010

Topical advice

Now that February is here, the snowdrops are in flower and a friend told me he has seen crocus in flower, we can come out of hibernation.
I have updated the column on the right with information about what we can be getting on with now.
There's still wood to be cut though, I'm off to put a new chain on the saw.


Anna said...

...and the ground is quite frozen here, no sign of life yet, the spring life I met, lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

After a few damp and slightly less cold days, it has frozen here again too. We just have to be patient with Mother Nature don't we?

Tea with Willow said...

Thanks again for your topical advice column, Heskie - I find it really useful to have a few hints and tips to get me started. I've already got my seed potatoes ready for chitting, and the seed compost is bought!

I've seen the odd snowdrop around the village here, but as yet, none in our garden ... can't wait!

Hope all is well with you.