Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potato Varieties

Here is a list of the Potato varieties I'm growing this year (you can get more information about them from the supplier to our village Potato Day, Pennards or from the European Cultivated Potato Database (click on quick search).

Bonnie Dundee 1E (Red Firm)
Premiere 1E (White Multi)
Swift 1E (White Firm)
Winston 1E (White Multi)
Vivaldi 2E (White Multi)
Charlotte 2E (White Firm)
Record EM (White Floury)
Markies LM (White Floury)
Sarpo Axona (Red Creamy)

Some, but not all, have blight (leaf and/or tuber) resistance or tolerance, you never know we may get another wet summer like last year. We have enjoyed good crops and good eating from some on the list prviously, such as Markies and Charlotte. We did well with Sarpo Mira last year and I'm quite keen to see how Sarpo Axona gets on.


Kate said...

Just found your blog. Gosh, some useful stuff here. I'm a bit of a newbie so this is very useful to me :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate and welcome. Good luck with your gardening efforts. If you look down near the bottom of the right hand column you'll see some links to useful websites, Garden Organic has lots of good stuff.

Anna said...

Wow I didn't know that there are that many different types. Have you ever tried Yukon Gold from Canada, it is my favorite one here. Thanks for sharing your gardening plans and good luck. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried that one Anna, I just had a look on the European Cultivated Potato Database and it's not on there (though I did just look and a specialist seed merchant is stocking it in the UK) it seems not to have made its way over here commercially yet. I also meant too look out for Marfona (do you have that there?) lots of people here recommend it, but I forgot on Potato Day. Having an Irish wife, I really do have to try my best with potatoes don't I?

Anna said...

I am sure Canada is keeping this one for themselves, lol. Yukon Gold is genetically altered potato, and been doing very well here - yellow flesh, excellent for roasting.

Never heard or tasted Marfona, so probably we don't have it here.

You said: 'Having an Irish wife, I really do have to try my best with potatoes don't I?' - lol, I guess so. But how doesn't like potato.

Thanks for the potato lesson Heskie. Anna :)