Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potato Day, 13th February

We are busy planning our Third Annual Potato Day, so here is a copy of the poster, if you are miles and miles away from West Dorset, I apologise for putting the temptation before you!


Tea with Willow said...

What a lovely idea! Tempting indeed .... but Leicestershire's a long way away!


Anonymous said...

Just a bit!

Have a look on the vegetable gardening forum, there may be something nearer? (

Good luck.

Tea with Willow said...

Thanks for the link! I think the nearest Potato Day to me would be at the Organic Gardens at Ryton nr Coventry - somewhere I've been wanting to visit for ages!

Willow x

Anonymous said...

I can recommend that wholeheartedly, that's where we got the idea. Lots going on, loads of potatoes of course and advice, but lots more including demonstrations, talks and of course the gardens to explore at Garden Organic - go for it!

Anna said...

Yeah it is very tempting, lol, I love potato, I grew up on potato, and continue to grow, lol. Thanks for sharing, its nice. Anna :)