Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hedge Laying

It's pouring down today, though yesterday was rather better so I was able to make a start on laying the hedge which borders the flower garden. I don't think the birds are too impressed, despite me telling them that, in time, it will be a much denser habitat for them and other species.


Tea with Willow said...

Love to see traditional hedge laying Heskie ... we see it quite alot here in Rutland. It really does improve the thickness of the hedgerows- and so much nicer to look at than fences!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Willow. I did a course a couple of years ago to prepare me for doing the hedge round the veggie patch, that responded well to the laying.
This time it was the turn of the flower garden hedge. I learned the Devon bank hedge laying method, I wonder of it is different up your way? (I know in Somerset quite a few examples have a vertical stake with the pleachers - the horizontals - woven through).

Anna said...

Wow start gardening already. We have mild temperatures here for the winter, but cannot do anything if comes to gardening. However I saw confused bush the other day, it was budding. Anna :)