Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tomatoes and Blueberries and ...

I thought I'd take a quick picture of some tomatoes, including green ones for pickling (there's about 3lbs of each) and of course a certain puppy just had to watch from between some blueberry pots.
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Annie's Granny said...

I'm sorry, Heskie, but I have to say Shooky is the prettiest thing in your garden. Of course, I love dogs more than I love vegetables!

My new blueberry bushes died. They didn't look real healthy when I bought them, but I thought a bit of tender loving care would make them flourish. It din't.

Anonymous said...

No need to be sorry, we'd agree!
I am sorry to hear about the blueberry bushes though. Ours are in pots of ericaceous compost and they are watered only with rainwater, and so far, so good.