Friday, August 14, 2009

Climate Change and Late Planting

Yes, I know I have got a bit of a cheek, but I thought I'd put out some more stuff and hope for a warm, bright Autumn - I don't want much do I?

So, where some of the onions have been harvested, I transplanted Cabbage, Cauliflower and Kale (Borecole), and intersowed those rows with some quick growing leaf crops: Polycress, Rocket - Rucola, and some Chinese leaves, for salad or stir-fry, and Kohl Rabi, which can fatten up in a month or so.

On another bed I have sown some carrots - well you never know, and 3 rows of Spinach - Giant Winter.

So we'll see, some of them will be OK anyway, and I might get lucky all round.


JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Thought I would drop by and have a look! It's always worthwhile trying to squeeze extra crops in, I think. I used to do really well overwintering stuff in unheated greenhouses - and tulips for picking were fantastic. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit (I've enjoyed your Cotswold blog).
It's worth the price of a few seeds isn't it, there's always some left in a packet waiting to be used? We always have some salad stuff in a greenhouse, amazing how well things survive, even last winter; mind you, the inclination to eat salads, as opposed to nice warm soups and stews isn't always there that time of year.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I hope you do have a nice Autumn there, I know I've heard that it has been a pretty wet summer there. I hope I can remember to try starting some late season veggies here. Good luck with yours, and thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back to visit here again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Catherine. yes we had a wet July, but first week was good and it was a great Spring, so not done too badly - by British standards!

Anna said...

Never know, lol, they say that we are expecting warm winter here. Good luck. Anna :)