Tuesday, May 31, 2011

View across to potatoes

Looking across the broad beans (peas to the right) towards the other greenhouse with three potato beds in front. They looking flourishing, despite the dry weather (it just means the potatoes won't be swelling in the soil as much as I'd like).

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Annie's Granny said...

Your garden is looking delightful! It certainly doesn't look like you've had a dry spell.

As to your fruit patch, it's nice to have another spot for tomatoes, isn't it? I redid my strawberry patch this spring, and I'm afraid I got a bit carried away. We won't have many strawberries, but luckily the raspberry canes are loaded with fruit.

Anonymous said...

I put lots of manure and home made compost on the potato beds, so I think they have been pretty good for moisture retention.
Our new strawberries aren't doing much, but the new gooseberries will give a crop and the raspberries have taken well after being moved, so fingers-crossed.