Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frozen Food delivery

No, not from a supermarket, but from our veggie patch. Invited to spend Christmas with the mini-Soggies in sunny and snow-free Swanage, we had to go prepared, and not just with Christmas presents.

At first glance the only obvious crops were leeks, sprouts and kale; so I harvested, with increasingly freezing fingers, a tray of Brussels sprouts, enough for dinner on Christmas Day and Boxing Day for the four of us hopefully, that still left plenty more to come. They were swiftly joined by some leeks.

Then it was a matter of hefting snow aside to go in search of turnips and parsnips. I could only find one turnip, but got the bonus of a couple of beetroot besides. Then up came some good looking parsnips, despite the best efforts of the frozen soil to hold onto them. I had earthed over some carrots and dug down hopefully, and there they were, still happy and healthy, so in some of those went too.

Passing piled up snow at the roadsides most of the way here, there was no problem keeping the vegetables fresh on the journey. Now we just need to enjoy them and celebrate Christmas together.

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year everyone.

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