Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Here's some Sarpo Mira and Valor after digging on Sunday (while puppy, who knows a good photo opportunity when she sees one stayed in the flower garden with a toy)


Tea with Willow said...

What a gorgeous puppy! Hope she's not digging up your garden too much!

Just about to go and dig up the last of my potatoes too - we've had a super crop, even the ones grown in potatoe bags worked really well, much to my surprise!


Annie's Granny said...

Beautiful potatoes! Shooky is really growing, and getting prettier by the day. She is going to be quite the handsome dog.

Anna said...

I love potatoes, I could eat them all the time. Greetings, Anna :)

Anonymous said...

So do we, and Mrs Soggy being Irish,we aren't short of potato recipes! Have you tried potato apple?