Monday, July 6, 2009

A quick view from both sides of the garden

A barrow-load of broad bean plants ready for pulling the pods off and the ground released for planting leeks into dibber holes; there are more bean plants still to be removed, but it's raining hard here today. I cut the bean plants off at ground level (the tops will go in the compost after removal of pods) so that the roots and the nitrogen rich nodules will remain in the ground. In front of the barrow are two varieties of beetroot (Boltardy and Cylindra), they both look good and I think I could be in for some pickled beetroot!

The other picture is a view through one of the flower borders, it just appealed to Mrs Soggy.


Compostwoman said...

Gosh I am glad I am not the only person who is only *just* putting in leek plants...this is how we always do it too and it works, but every year I read about people who sem to have put theirs in much earlier...and I feel a bit panicced...

BUT we were eating leeks of a good size as many as we wanted and giving some away, from Oct through to May, so I guess I must be doing something right......!

Nice flower border btw!

happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that feeling, you see someone else doing something you hadn't planned to yet, or just not got round to and all sorts of doubts creep in. I'm always looking over hedges and fences at allotments and gardens to see how others are doing. As you say though, it works, so why worry?

I like to make the best use of the soil, never leaving bare patches for long and leeks following beans is a good example. I have also pulled up all the early calabrese plants, which where in a row between sprout rows, so that will give the sprout plants more space. It's a constant juggling act isn't it, and every garden has it's own local conditions and requirements. Vive la différence!